CHIC is a family run business.
From our family to yours.
We are the family owned manufacturer and distributor of the CHIC Advanced Coating System - often referred to in years past as CHIC Liquid Vinyl. Through our network of Independent Authorized CHIC Dealers, we have been marketing and installing our weatherprooof, breathable exterior coating since 1984. We make no overstated claims about our product because we dont have to. We have 30+ years of installations to prove that it works.
A history of dependability.
CHIC Liquid Vinyl first came to the attention of Stan Bender in 1983. A leader in the Solid Vinyl Siding business in Western Canada, Mr. Bender had been looking for a product that would offer homeowners the benefits of Solid Vinyl Siding but without the artificial appearance. Liquid Vinyl was originally developed in the United Kingdom in the 1960's for the do-it-yourself market as an extremely thick liquid applied coating system designed to provide long-term protection for all types of stucco, masonry, and wood surfaces.

In the summer of 1983, Mr. Bender conducted market trials and test projects in the Vancouver area with the Liquid Vinyl and recognized that because of the complexity of the installation and large quantity of product required it made more sense that the product be Professionally Installed. With that in mind Mr. Bender obtained the exclusive rights to this extraordinary product and in 1984 opened his doors as the single source to supply and install the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System. Over the next few years, Mr. Bender applied his knowledge of the Home Improvement business, and together with his sons Richard and David developed a completely unique supply/install model for marketing and distributing the CHIC coating system.

Following the principle that good just isn’t good enough, the CHIC team continuously investigates new technologies in its never ending effort to keep the CHIC Advanced Coating System the best exterior coating on the market.
The CHIC Job Sign : Your Sign of Quality for over 30 years.
Photos of Stan Bender, and Early Home Show, and a CHIC Dealer Conference.